“Minnie Don’t Burn Chicken”

My daughter and I recently went to see the movie “The Help.” When Octavia Spencer’s character deadpanned that line, my daughter’s first response was “you have to put that in your blog.” So, with Minnie and her no chicken burning in mind, here are some more chronicles of my favorite lines from movie dramas.

“Christina? Christina’s gone. Your little tramp didn’t leave any money to pay her, so she left. Just like your little slut. She packed all of her things, (and some of yours) and left.”                 Diary of A Mad Black Woman

(Yep, here’s a scene with a woman who gets a chance to get back at the man who sooo wrongfully treated her, but this is my personal  favorite line)

“…He said, ‘peace be still, that’s what he said'”

—”As long as you have some steel, you gonna have peace—load your steel, thank you, Jesus”  Diary of A Mad Black Woman

(Of course, Madea is no doubt the main reason anyone watches a Tyler Perry movie. She’s the reason I watch any of them)

“Then let him sign it. And it let it be done with”  Elizabeth

(Old Elizabeth I was gonna get ALL her little conspirators)

“Don’t bring our illustrious leader into your treachery, confess spy bastard, confess”  Enemy At The Gates

(My daughter loves this scene with Ron Perlman’s character giving Jude Law’s character the heads up on life political life in communist Russia, circa WWII)

“Security will run you down hard.”

“And I will lead them a merry chase”  Inception

(I think my daughter just likes this exchange between Tom Hardy’s Eames and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Arthur just because she likes Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

“Then why do I have the jack of clubs in my fucking pocket?” Malice

(Mama-in-law the grifter is gonna teach poor clueless son-in-law something about his wife, but then, this scene was all about Bill Pullman’s journey to find out who he REALLY married)

“How close a friend?”

“Closer than his wife would like”  Outbreak

(So they’re trying to find the source of the deadly virus and who should they wind up talking to but Mrs Pananides who has a friend in  the Coast Guard)

“…I don’t know what hovers over this house, but it was strong enough to punch a hole into this world and take your daughter away from you”  Poltergist

(Okay, so this whole scene with Tangina was a little freaky, but when she started talking about the “beast” and looking all ominous, I think that’s when I would have headed for the hills)

“…You son of a bitch. You moved the cemetery but you didn’t move the bodies, you didn’t move the bodies!” Poltergist

(My daughter swears that Steven is pretty much useless. In this scene he spends all his time recriminating Teague while his wife is going out of her mind actually trying to save herself and her children)


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